Need help with Goalsmedia? You can look for the FAQs in this section or contact us.

1.How are ads priced?
Our prices differ by topic and by geography and rates change quarterly to balance demand. Ads are priced in cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and we also offer an automatic 10% discount for ad buys of $3,000 or more. While you might setup a recurring campaign to be billed monthly, all our pricing is per impression.
2.How frequent is the refresh of statistics?
Informations about impressions and clicks are updated real-time. Earnings are updated on Real Time too.
3.How can I target my ads?
In line with our ethical advertising approach, we believe that ads can be well targeted while respecting users' privacy. We only target based on a user's country and the content of the page where the ad is served. For ads targeting the USA, we also support targeting by state.
4.What are the ad specifications?
There are two main ad placements across the EthicalAds network. Publishers choose which placement best fits with their site and we have seen great performance for advertisers and publishers with both types. We support unobtrusive text & image placements which use a 240 * 180px image (displayed at 120 * 90) and up to 100 characters of supporting text. An optional headline and call-to-action (part of the 100 characters) are bolded. There's also a text-only placement that uses up to 100 characters without an image.
5.What does "CPM" mean?
CPM stands for "Cost Per Mille", that is: the price you pay to buy 1,000 banner impressions (banner views). The CPM rate fluctuates per country and continent, and can change on a daily base. If you start a campaign, you are assured your banners will serve at the given fixed CPM rate.
6.How do I check reports?
When your campaign is accepted, you will receive an email with a link where you can check real-time reports. The link is secured, so others won't be able to see your reports. The reports consists of graphs and tables of clicks, impressions and click-rates broken down by day and country. This makes it very convenient to check how your campaign is performing.
7.Can I run my ad JavaScript?
In order to respect our users' privacy, we do not allow any third-party ad scripts.
8.How can I see how my ads are performing?
Once you become an advertiser with us, you will have access to view live reports on the performance of your ads including how many times they were viewed and clicked. We count a viewable impression when the ad comes into the browser viewport.
9.How can I manage my ads?
After you become an advertiser, you will get access to our advertising platform where you can create, change, or turn off your ads as well as see live reports broken down by each ad.