Need help with Goalsmedia? You can look for the FAQs in this section or contact us.

1.When and how will I get paid my earnings?
Our minimum payout is $1, We pay once a week,when you request your payment,we will have up to 7 working days to validate your request and proceed with the payment via Bank wire, PayPal.
2.How frequent is the refresh of statistics?
Informations about impressions and clicks are updated real-time. Earnings are updated on Real Time too.
3.How much can I earn through ads?
We run campaigns that are paid by Advertisers on a CPC / CPM basis. Advertising rates vary, so how much you earn will depend on the rates we obtain, as well as quantity and quality of traffic referred by your site.
4.Is there a minimun eCPM or revenue?
No, there isn't. Minimun eCPM and minimun revenue depend on different factors, such as the site's traffic, what the site is about, how long it has been registered in Goals Media, where the ads are placed, its audience, the type of campaign being shown (CPM, CPC and CPA), the visitors' location, the time of the day on which ads are served, etc.
5.What does "CPM" mean?
CPM stands for "Cost Per Mille", that is: the price you pay to buy 1,000 banner impressions (banner views). The CPM rate fluctuates per country and continent, and can change on a daily base. If you start a campaign, you are assured your banners will serve at the given fixed CPM rate.
6.How do I check reports?
When your campaign is accepted, you will receive an email with a link where you can check real-time reports. The link is secured, so others won't be able to see your reports. The reports consists of graphs and tables of clicks, impressions and click-rates broken down by day and country. This makes it very convenient to check how your campaign is performing.